Copying To Clipboard

Once valid ZIP Code entries start to appear in the ZIP Code list box on the ZIP Express window, three new buttons appear below the list box - Map, Print, and Copy To Clipboard. To copy to the clipboard, either click on the Copy To Clipboard button or press CTRL C.
If there is more than one ZIP Code entry in the ZIP Code list box, then you will first need to select the entries you would like copied. If only one entry is displayed, then selecting the single item is not necessary. After clicking on the copy button, the window shown below will be displayed. This window contains a list of all the available formats that can be pasted to the clipboard.


If you do not see the format that you would like, you can press the Modify button and create one that fits your needs. The last format used will be highlighted. Once you have selected the format, simply click on the Copy To Clipboard button and the ZIP Code information will be copied to the clipboard.


Note: Automatic pasting to the clipboard can be achieved through the use of keyboard shortcuts.


ZIP Express Window > Perform Search > Highlight Search Item > Click on Clipboard Button
Output Formats 
The window above displays the formats that may be selected for output to the clipboard.
If you do not see the format you want, select the Modify button to add new formats or to modify an existing format. Any special function keys in the format that would normally apply to keystroke entry of information into an application will be ignored. These include such keys as Backtab, Left Arrow and Del Char. The Return key and the Tab key will both be passed onto the clipboard.
Copy to Clipboard
The Copy To Clipboard button will take all the ZIP Codes you have selected in the ZIP Code list box on the ZIP Express Window and send them to the clipboard in the Pasting Format you selected.