ZIP Express Window > Options > Preferences > Delays 
Delay in Milliseconds after Clipboard Commands
This option inserts a 250 millisecond delay each time the clipboard is accessed during playback of a macro. Windows requires a little bit of time to process a clipboard command. We have found a 250 millisecond delay adequate for most systems. You may want to experiment with the timing if the clipboard commands don't seem to be responding correctly. This option also eliminates the need to insert Delay commands after each clipboard command.
Use Text Type Delay
It is possible when typing back long strings of text that the Keyboard Buffer may overflow. When this happens you will notice some missing or scrambled text among the text that played back. Sometimes you may also hear a strange high pitched sound. The text is trying to play back too fast. This option is a global setting for all of your macros that use the Text Type command. The default setting is a delay of 1 microsecond. If you notice the scrambled text or the high pitched sound when playing back one of these macros, then you will need to experiment and add a Text Type delay. The delay is in micro seconds, or thousandths of a millisecond. So you may want to start at 1000 microseconds, test the results and so on until you find the ultimate setting.
Use High Speed Timer in Millisecond Delays
Some computers make use of a high speed timer. ZIP Express will make use of this timer in calculating delays. If your system does not use this timer, then you would want to leave this option unchecked. On other systems, the timer may not work properly. In this case you would also leave the option unchecked.