Export ZIP Code Data

This option exports the ZIP Code data to a .csv file which can then be used as needed. Note: Use of this option requires purchasing a data export license. Without the license only a sample of ZIP Code records may be exported.


ZIP Express Window > Tools > Export ZIP Code Data



Choose the filename to receive the exported ZIP Express Data. Click the  button to navigate to a file.


Export Format

The Export Format field allows customization of the output format. By changing the Export Format you can include or exclude individual parts of the data, change the order of individual parts of the data, and add additional characters to separate the data.


Special data tokens are used to specify each individual part of the data to be included in the exported data. Data tokens such as those detailed below are enclosed in square brackets and are case sensitive.


[AREA CODE] – The Area Code

[CITY] – The City

[COUNTY] – The County

[LONG STATE] – The full name of the state. For example: Pennsylvania.

[STATE] – The two letter abbreviation for the state. For example: PA.

[ZIP] – The ZIP Code

[TIME ZONE] – The Time Zone

[DST] – A Y or N indicating whether or not Daylight Saving Time is observed.


By default the Export Format is set to generate the commonly supported comma separated ASCII file format that can be loaded into many database and spreadsheet programs.

    "[ZIP]","[STATE]","[CITY]","[COUNTY]","[AREA CODE]","[TIME ZONE]","[DST]"


The output results look like this:

    "19090","PA","Willow Grove","Montgomery","215","UTC -5:00","Y"

    "19091","PA","Media","Delaware","610","UTC -5:00","Y"

    "19092","PA","Philadelphia","Philadelphia","215","UTC -5:00","Y"


When loaded into a spreadsheet program the results look like this:





Use the Filter option to include or exclude specific portions of the data. For example, you may want all of the ZIP Express Data for a specific state or for a county within that state. To create a filter, enter one or more of the data tokens listed above followed by either = (equals) or <> (not equals) plus the information to include or exclude.


Filter State Data

For example, to include all of the ZIP Express Data for the state of Pennsylvania enter:



Filter County Data

To exclude all of the ZIP Express Data for Allegheny County enter:



Filter Area Code or ZIP Code Data

You can specify a range of Area Codes or ZIP Codes to either include or exclude data. This example includes all ZIP Express Data with ZIP Codes between 84000 and 84999:



And the following excludes Area Codes 435 through 499:

    [AREA CODE]<>435-499


Combination Filters

Combine filters using a ; (semi-colon) to separate individual filter statements. For example, this filter includes only the data for Utah, ZIP Codes 94000 through 94099 and everything in the state of New Mexico:




  1) Data tokens must be in all capital letters. E.g. [STATE] will work but [State] and [state] will not.

  2) If one filter statement includes part of the data and another excludes part of the data that data will be excluded from the exported ZIP Express Data.

  3) No messages are displayed if there are errors in the filter information. If an error is found, that filter statement is ignored.

  4) More complex filters will cause the export of the ZIP Express data to take longer to complete.


Set output to all uppercase

Choose this option to convert the exported ZIP Express Data to all uppercase.


Append extended Area Code information

Select this option to append the extended Area Code information to the end of the file. The extended Area Code information is not in the same format as the rest of the ZIP Express data. It does not follow the specified Export Format and it is not affected by the Export Filter or the ‘Set output to all uppercase’ option.


To save this data to a separate file, export the ZIP Express Data without the Extended Area Code information and then separately export the Extended Area Code information using an Export Filter to prevent the inclusion of the ZIP Code Data.