Keyboard Shortcuts

ZIP Express allows for 82 possible keyboard shortcuts or hot keys. To configure a hot key you will need to select Options | Keyboard Shortcuts from the main menu of ZIP Express. The window shown below will appear. Each of the possible hot keys is either marked as "Available" or displays a nickname if that hot key is already in use. To use, modify or disable a hot key, select the desired hot key (highlight it in the list box) and press the Modify button.


ZIP Express Window > Options > Keyboard Shortcuts  


Hot Keys are a series of keystrokes that can be pressed from within any Windows program to perform a given task. The following hot key combinations are possible with ZIP Express:





Numeric Keypad /

Numeric Keypad *

Numeric Keypad +

Numeric Keypad -


All of these hot key combinations are listed in the Keyboard Shortcuts list box. Simply highlight the one you wish to modify, add or remove and click on the Modify button to continue.