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Wait for Enter key with Key It In option

When using the hotkeys to automate Zip Express functions, one of the ZIP Code source options is Key It In. With this option selected, you would type the ZIP code into the dialog box and press Enter for the data to display or type into the other application. If not selected the data is transmitted as soon as the fifth digit of the ZIP code is typed into the dialog box. The Wait for Enter key with Key It In option allows you to verify that the ZIP code was entered correctly before continuing.


Range Selecting
This options pertains to the search results of a ZIP code, area code, etc. lookup. If there are a group of ZIP codes listed in the ZIP code list box then range selecting comes into play. With the Range Selecting option checked, you may click on the left mouse button on one of the selections and continue to hold the mouse down and drag it over more selections. Releasing the mouse will leave a group of ZIP codes selected (highlighted). This group will then be used if the print or copy to clipboard button is utilized. If the range selecting is not checked, then you may click on individual ZIP codes to highlight the ones you want to print or copy to the clipboard.
Disable Mapping Features
This option turns off the mapping functions in the program.
International Dialing Code
Insert the code used on your telephone system to dial internationally. This code is then displayed as part of any country code information displayed as part of a search. The default setting is 011 which is typical for many US phone systems.


Select different looks for the menu bars and drop down menus in the program. Choose from Standard, Enhanced, Flat, Office 11 or an XP look. The XP menu style is set as the default.



This option allows you to select different ways to display the drop down menus in the program. Select from Slide, Unfold, Random, Fade or None (which simply displays the menu without animation). The default option is set to None.