Modify Online Maps


ZIP Express Window > Options > Map Formats


Current Map Sites

Several Map Sites are provided. You may create other map sites or delete the ones you don't think you'll need. If you have a favorite mapping site, you may choose to delete all the others. If you only have one map site defined, you will not be asked which mapping site to use when you click on the Map button. To delete a map site, highlight the site and press the Delete icon.


If all of the Map Sites are deleted, then the next time ZIP Express is loaded, a dialog is displayed asking if you want to load the default Map Sites.


Map Site Web Address

To update the mapping site for a web site or to add a new one, visit the mapping web site and fill in the fields necessary to generate a map. Then, when the web site brings up the map, copy the URL from the address line in your browser and paste it into the Map Site Web Address box in ZIP Express. Make the substitutions for the City, State and ZIP.
Where a web site expects the name of the City to be mapped, enter [CITY]. In the location where it expects the name of a state, put [STATE] and where it expects a ZIP Code, insert [ZIP]. You may either type this information in the URL string or place the cursor in the correct location and click on the City, State or ZIP Code option under the Data heading.
When finished, click OK to save the new site.
Clicking the Defaults button will prompt if you want to delete all existing map sites in the list. If you select yes, the existing map sites will be deleted and replaced with the program default sites.