Time Zone

In order for ZIP Express to accurately calculate the time at the location of any given ZIP code, ZIP Express uses the Time Zone you have selected in Windows. ZIP Express also uses the system time of your computer. If you elect to have the local time displayed when doing searches, your computer's time must be accurate for the correct times to be displayed.



ZIP Express Window > Options > Preferences > Time Zone


The Time Zone that you have selected in Windows is displayed in this Preference window.



GMT signifies Greenwich Mean Time which was established as a time standard in the 19th century. The 24 time zones were created as well as the International Date Line. GMT is based on the rotation of the sun and is sometimes referred to as Zulu time.



A new time standard has been developed that is based on the Atomic clock. This standard is known as Coordinated Universal Time or UTC. The UTC and GMT times are kept essentially the same through the use of leap seconds.


In the image above we show UTC. The example shows Mountain Daylight Time as -07.00 or seven hours ahead of (before) Coordinated Universal Time or the time in the UK.