Tutorial - From Clipboard

This tutorial will create a macro that when you copy a ZIP Code to the clipboard, the corresponding ZIP Code data will automatically be displayed.


Assign Hot Key

1.Click on Options | Keyboard Shortcuts to open the Hotkey Setup window.

2.Highlight Ctrl+Shift+E by clicking on it from the list.

3.Click on the Modify button to begin defining what the hot key will do.


Modify Hot Key

1.Enter "Clipboard to Display" in the Nickname Field. (This will help us remember what the hot key does.)

2.In the ZIP Code Source section, select the From Clipboard option.

3.In the ZIP Code Output section, select the Display Only option. (When the Display Only option is selected the Output Format options are disabled. The ZIP Code information is displayed in the ZIP Express window using the Preference options you previously selected for displaying ZIP data.)

4.Click the OK button to return to the Hotkey Setup window.

5.Click OK again to save the Hotkey definitions and return to the main ZIP Express window.


Testing the Hot Key

1.Open notepad. (To open notepad, click on the Start Button, then Run. In the Run window type in notepad and press OK.)

2.Type your five digit ZIP Code into notepad.

3.Highlight the ZIP Code. (To highlight, place the mouse cursor at the beginning of the ZIP Code and then press Shift+End.)

4.Press Ctrl+C to copy the highlighted ZIP Code to the clipboard.

5.Press the Ctrl+Shift+E hot key we defined.

6.It will open the ZIP Express window and display the ZIP Code information for the ZIP Code you copied to the clipboard.