Tutorial - Key It In to Calling Program

Assign Hot Key

1.Click on Options | Keyboard Shortcuts to open the Hotkey Setup window.

2.Highlight Ctrl+Shift+F by clicking on it from the list.

3.Click on the Modify button to begin defining what the hot key will do.


Modify Hot Key

1.Enter "Key It In to Calling Program" in the Nickname field. (This will help us remember what the hot key does.)

2.In the ZIP Code Source section select the Key It In option.

3.In the ZIP Code Output section select the Into Calling Program option.

4.Next click on the Modify Format button to select the information we want entered into the calling application.


Modify Format

The Modify Format window should now be open. You'll notice that there are a number of predefined formats available. For this tutorial we'll create our own format. We'll create a format that enters the city, state and ZIP Code each on separate lines. We'll then add another line of text.

1.The format will be built in the Enter New Format edit area. Click on File | New Paste Format to empty the edit box. We want to start with a blank edit box.

2.In the Data column, click on City. This will place [CITY] in the Enter New Format edit box.

3.Click on the Enter option at the bottom of the window to place <ENTER> in the Enter New Format edit box.

4.Next, click on Long State from the data column to enter [LONG STATE] in the edit box.

5.Click on Enter again to place another <ENTER> in the string.

6.Click on ZIP Code in the Data Column to enter [ZIP] in the edit box.

7.Click on Enter again to place another <ENTER> in the string.

8.With the cursor in the edit box, type United States of America.

9.When finished the entire string should look like this: [CITY]<ENTER>[LONG STATE]<ENTER>[ZIP]<ENTER>United States of America

10.Click OK and then Yes to confirm saving the Format.

11.Click OK in the Modify Hotkey window to save the changes we made.

12.Click OK again to save the Hotkey definitions and return to the main ZIP Express window.


Testing the HotKey

1.Open notepad. (To open notepad, click on the Start Button, then Run. In the Run window type in notepad and press OK.)

2.Press the Hot Key sequence we selected, Ctrl+Shift+F.

3.A small window will open where you can enter a ZIP Code.

4.Type a ZIP Code into this box.

5.The city, state and ZIP Code will be inserted into notepad in the format we selected.

6.The information will display on four separate lines as shown below.





United States of America