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ZIP Express, the ZIP Code and Area Code Authority

Kaysville, UT - Insight Software Solutions, Inc. announces the release of ZIP Express v 2.8, an update to its U.S. ZIP code and area code lookup utility.

Changes include updating ZIP Express with the latest ZIP code data, making fixes to allow the program to work seamlessly with Windows 10 and improving the help system.

Search ZIP Express by city, county, state, ZIP or area code. For example, use the program to determine all ZIP codes in a particular county or city. Find the area code or time zone for a specific ZIP code. Or quickly find the local time for an area code.

As search criteria is typed into ZIP Express, potential matches are displayed. Choose what data to display. If the county information is not needed, then select a display option that does not show it.

Create an unlimited number of ZIP code information formats to be used for viewing, pasting into programs, copying to the clipboard or sending to the printer. Select from the ZIP code, city, county, state, state abbreviation, area code, and time zone data types.

Practically any other text may also be included in the format. Add spaces, commas, descriptive words or whatever is needed. Include the “Tab”, “Enter”, “Arrow Keys” or others for inserting the data and navigating the various fields of a document.

Use hot keys to paste the ZIP code information directly into a Windows application. Over 80 hot key combinations are available. Utilize the map feature to open Google Maps, Mapquest or other mapping sites to view a map of the ZIP code selected.

ZIP Express also provides the current time, time zone, and dialing codes for countries around the world.

ZIP Express runs under Windows XP and later. The price for a single license is $24.95(US) and may be ordered securely online at

Insight Software Solutions, Inc.
P.O. Box 106
Kaysville, UT 84037-0106
(801) 927-5009


Evaluation Copy Available on Request

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