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Version 1.3x

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Version 1.3d

  • Updated with April 2000 ZIP Code/Area Code data.
  • Created shareware version without advertising.
  • Streamlined Order process.
  • Cleaned up the Order Form inside the program.
  • Added Windows version information.

Version 1.3c

  • Updated with January 2000 ZIP Code/Area Code data.

Version 1.3b

  • Updated with October 1999 ZIP Code/Area Code data.

Version 1.3a

  • All configuration options are now saved immediately after they are made. Previously, if ZIP Express was shut down by Windows when Windows was being shut down, configuration changes would not be saved. Configuration options include time zone, hot keys, pasting formats, etc.

Version 1.3

  • Initial "ad based" release.

Release Notes for current version
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