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Version 1.4x

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Version 1.4f

  • Updated with August 2002 ZIP Code/Area Code data.

Version 1.4e

  • Updated with October 2001 ZIP Code/Area Code data.
  • A change was made to help error messages to be displayed on top of other windows.
  • When there are several valid cities for a given ZIP Code and a hotkey is used to paste the City and State information into an application, the default city, as defined by the USPS, is pasted instead of the last city in the data.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong message was displayed when a control does not support the Get Text message.
  • Fixed a bug where information entered into an application by using a ZIP Express hotkey would sometimes be sent faster than the application could handle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused hotkeys to stop working after 30 seconds.

Version 1.4d

  • Updated with July 2001 ZIP Code/Area Code data.

Version 1.4c

  • Updated with April 2001 ZIP Code/Area Code data.

Version 1.4b

  • Updated with February 2001 ZIP Code/Area Code data.
  • Added Config Locked option to .ini file that prevents the user from seeing the File or Popup menus.
  • Updated internal order form.
  • We no longer offer a free ad-supported version of ZIP Express.

Version 1.4a

  • Updated with October 2000 ZIP Code/Area Code data.

Version 1.4

  • Updated with July 2000 ZIP Code/Area Code data.

  • The Ad-Supported version of ZIP Express 2000 now uses v 3.0 of Radiate's advertising software.

  • New About box that includes more information.

  • Upgraded to new 32-bit installation program.

Release Notes for previous versions
    version 1.3x

Release Notes for current version
    Current version