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Version 2.1d

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  1. Updated with August 2004 data.
  2. Clicking a partial county name now pops up a list of possible ZIP Codes for that county.
  3. Added a preference to allow the user to enable or disable the use of Alt+UpArrow to Activate ZIP Express.
  4. Disabling the "Allow ALT+Left Mouse Click to Display Program" option now takes effect without restarting ZIP Express.
  5. When Windows is using Extra Large fonts and ZIP Express is launched for the first time, the height now allows all fields to be displayed.
  6. When Import Program Configuration or Restore Program Defaults are used to change the preferences, the appropriate appearance options are now set without having to restart the program.

  7. Bugs fixed that caused crashes
  8. Restoring the Program defaults no longer generates a Cannot Focus a disabled or invisible window crash.
  9. Added code to prevent a Cannot Focus a disabled or invisible window crash.

  10. Other bugs fixed
  11. The position of the main window is no longer reset when the preferences are saved or when the Cancel button in the preferences is clicked.
  12. Fixed a problem where Area Codes notes were not displayed properly. The Area Code notes contain information about area Codes that are not in the normal Area Code/ZIP Code tables.
  13. Fixed a bug where time zones that did not use Daylight Saving Time were not detected properly.
Release Notes for previous versions
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    version 2.1a
    version 2.1
    version 2.0b
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Release Notes for current version
    Current version