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Version 2.2

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  1. Updated with February 2005 data.
  2. Updated the Daylight Saving Time information for cities and countries around the world.

  3. The Map Formats / Map Sites now have a name. The urls are no longer displayed in a list of choices, the Map Site names are.
  4. References to 'Map Format' have all been changed to 'Map Sites'.
  5. Updated the map sites to remove MapBlast, which no longer works, and to add new links to Maps On Us.
  6. Added a message to ask the user if they want to load updated Map Sites. This message is only displayed the first time this version runs and only if the user has upgraded from a previous version.
  7. Added a Default button to the Modify Map Sites dialog.
  8. Letters can no longer be entered in the Area Code field.
  9. The Print, Print Setup and Print Font menu options and buttons are now disabled if there are no printers defined in Windows.
  10. When the Map button is clicked, a dialog is displayed listing the Map Sites that are currently available. When you click the Modify button on this dialog, the map site that was highlighted is highlighted in the Modify Online Maps form.

    Other bugs fixed
  11. Fixed a problem where the Options menu and the Copy to Clipboard button were both using the accelerator keys Alt+O. The Copy to Clipboard button now uses Alt+C.
Release Notes for previous versions
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    version 1.4x
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Release Notes for current version
    Current version