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Version 2.5

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  1. Updated with May 2007 ZIP Code and Area Code data.
  2. The option to Run on Windows' startup is now disabled if the user cannot change it.
  3. The Crash Report Path now defaults to the user's My Documents folder.
  4. The preferences are always saved in HKCU on Windows Vista.
  5. Removed the All Users Use Same Settings option for Windows Vista.
  6. Fixed a problem using the DefPrefs.wcfg file.
  7. Clicking on the Restore Defaults button now restores the Menu Style and Menu Animation options to their default values.
  8. Added an option to select the Menu Animation. Defaults to None.
  9. Added Menu Style options 'Flat' and 'Office 11'.
  10. Added code to detect crashes in DecryptStr.
  11. Fixed a potential crash that would occur when multiple Reminder dialogs come up.
  12. The installer has been updated to work correctly on Windows Vista.
  13. After the license is successfully entered from the reminder dialog, the reminder dialog is closed.
  14. Made change to allow HotKeys to work in IE7 Protected Mode.
Release Notes for previous versions
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Release Notes for current version
    Current version