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Version 2.5a

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  1. Updated with July 2007 data.
  2. Updated country dialing codes for Mayotte Island and Dominican Republic.
  3. The Text Type Delay now defaults to 300.
  4. Updated the icon in the ZipDef.exe program.
  5. Fixed a problem where on some computers the startup shortcut for all users and the logged in user are the same removing duplicate startup links deletes them both.
  6. Now correctly supports multiple licenses on Vista.
Release Notes for previous versions
    version 2.5
    version 2.4j
    version 2.4h
    version 2.4g
    version 2.4f
    version 2.4e
    version 2.4d
    version 2.4c
    version 2.4b
    version 2.4a
    version 2.4
    version 2.3
    version 2.2
    version 2.1f
    version 2.1e
    version 2.1d
    version 2.1c
    version 2.1b
    version 2.1a
    version 2.1
    version 2.0b
    version 2.0a
    version 2.0

Release Notes for current version
    Current version