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Version 2.6

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  1. Updated with May 2008 ZIP Code and Area Code data.
  2. A filter can now be used when exporting ZIP Code data to allow the selection of specific data to be included in the exported file. For example, you can specify to export only certain counties in selected states.
  3. The help was updated to reflect the the new Export Filter.
  4. Clarified the message that is displayed when a sample of the ZIP Code data is exported.
  5. Fixed the cause of a crash that can occur in the License dialog.
  6. Added the option to export the extended Area Codes. These include Area Codes for non-US locations, that overlay other Area Codes and codes for toll free and other special services.
  7. Invalid characters and leading and trailing spaces are now removed from the license name and code when license information is copied from the clipboard.
Release Notes for previous versions
    version 2.5c
    version 2.5b
    version 2.5a
    version 2.5
    version 2.4j
    version 2.4h
    version 2.4g
    version 2.4f
    version 2.4e
    version 2.4d
    version 2.4c
    version 2.4b
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    version 2.3
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    version 2.1c
    version 2.1b
    version 2.1a
    version 2.1
    version 2.0b
    version 2.0a
    version 2.0

Release Notes for current version
    Current version