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Version 2.6d

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  1. Updated Daylight Saving Time information for countries around the world.
  2. Fixed Area Codes for ZIP Codes 74549, 91361 and 92620.
  3. Updated with February 2009 ZIP Code and Area Code data.

  4. Bugs Fixed
  5. Fixed a problem with setting preferences to their default values.
  6. Fixed a problem that occurred when the program was set to Show in System Tray and the preferences were either reset or imported. If the new preferences were set to 'Normal' the program would be hidden until activated. Importing or resetting the preferences now activates the program.
  7. The Alt key is no longer stuck down when the program is activated with Alt + Left Mouse click.
  8. Long city names are no longer truncated when copied to the clipboard.
Release Notes for previous versions
    version 2.6b
    version 2.6a
    version 2.6
    version 2.5c
    version 2.5b
    version 2.5a
    version 2.5
    version 2.4j
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    version 2.1a
    version 2.1
    version 2.0b
    version 2.0a
    version 2.0

Release Notes for current version
    Current version