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Version 2.7a

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  1. Updated with November 2009 ZIP Code and Area Code data.

  2. Enhancements
  3. The program no longer minimizes to the System Tray if the Quick Start Guide is being displayed.
  4. The Crash Report Path is now defaulted to the Temp folder instead of the My Documents folder.
  5. Updated the installer with several changes.
  6. The folder where the program has been installed is now saved to the preferences.
  7. The reminder dialog is no longer displayed when the program closes because Windows is shutting down.

  8. Bugs Fixed
  9. The Restore Defaults button now restores the proper defaults for the Startup preferences.
  10. The correct icon for ZIP Express is now displayed in the Add/Remove programs area of the Control Panel.
  11. The Text Type delay microseconds field in the Delays preferences will now only accept numbers.
  12. The Wait for seconds field in the Startup preferences now only accepts numbers.
Release Notes for previous versions
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    version 2.6e
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    version 2.5c
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    version 2.1a
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    version 2.0b
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    version 2.0

Release Notes for current version
    Current version