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ZIP Express Window

The ZIP Express window is used for manual searches. You can search by ZIP Code, City, State, County or Area Code. You may also search by Country Code to find the telephone dialing code or current time for a specific country. Depending on your search criteria, you will be required to input different information. For example, if you are searching by "City", then you will be prompted to enter the city name, whereas searching by "ZIP Code" will prompt you for the ZIP Code. As the possibilities are narrowed down by your entry, a list box (as shown below) will appear displaying all the potential possibilities of a match to your search criteria.

Once actual ZIP Codes start to appear in the list box, Map, Print and Copy to Clipboard buttons will appear. You can highlight the information you want so that it can be copied to the clipboard, printed or the ZIP Code displayed on an online map. The type of information that is displayed in the list box can be set via the Options | Preferences | Appearance menu option.

Main Search dialog

Search By

You may search for ZIP Code information by one of 5 ways. These include searching by the ZIP Code, city, state, county or area code. In addition you may search for current time and country code information for other countries. Depending on your method of search, you will be prompted for different information to be entered. As you enter your search criteria, matching information will likely be displayed in the ZIP Code list box.

Possible ZIP Codes

The ZIP Code list box contains information about your search attempts. As you begin to key in your search information (ZIP Code, city, etc), the list box will begin to fill with information based on what the program finds that matches your entry. The more you type in, the narrower the range of matching items will be found and displayed in the list box. The list box typically shows at least the ZIP Code, city and state associated with the ZIP Code. However, it may also show the county, area code, time zone and current time associated with the ZIP Code depending on the program preferences that have been selected.


Highlight the ZIP Code you are interested in from the display box. This option will open the Online Maps window. This window contains several default Internet map sites with an option to include others. Selecting one of the map sites will connect you to the Internet and load a map of the ZIP Code you selected. This option is not available for countries, just US ZIP Codes.


Highlight the ZIP Code or ZIP Codes you are interested in from the display box. Click on the Print button to print the information highlighted.

Copy to Clipboard

Highlight the ZIP Code or ZIP Codes you are interested in from the display box. Click on the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the information highlighted to the Windows clipboard. This can then be pasted into another application.