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The ZIP Code and Area Code Authority

Quick look up of U.S. ZIP Codes and their associated cities, states, counties, area codes, time zones, and current time.

  • Quickly find U.S. ZIP Codes and cities, counties, states, area codes, time zones and current time for a specific ZIP Code.
  • Search by city, county, or area code to find the ZIP Codes within those parameters.
  • Paste ZIP Code information directly into your Windows applications. Press a hotkey while in your app to open a ZIP Code entry box. Enter the ZIP Code and the city, state and ZIP Code are typed right into your application.
  • Press another hot key to get a ZIP Code directly from your app and see the city, state, and county data.
  • Before returning a phone call, enter an Area Code into ZIP Express to determine where the caller called from and what time it is in their location.
  • With the ZIP Code information displayed in ZIP Express, press the Map button and, with an Internet connection, see a map of that location.
  • ZIP Express runs on Windows.Windows Logo

ZIP Code Data

Feedback imagePurchase a ZIP Code Data license and integrate ZIP Code, Area Code and Time Zone information into your application.