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ZIP Express allows you to automatically paste ZIP Code information directly into your Windows applications via hot keys. Over 80 hot keys may be assigned commands. For example, press the CTRL+SHIFT+J keys while in your word processor and watch a ZIP Code entry box appear. Type in your ZIP Code and suddenly the city, state and ZIP Code are typed right into your word processor where the cursor resides.

ZIP Express will paste information into nearly any Windows application. Simply create a format to be used for pasting into programs, copying to the clipboard or for sending to the printer. You may select such information as the ZIP Code, city, state, state abbreviation, area code and time zone.

Just about any other text can be included with the format. In addition, when creating formats to be pasted directly into programs, you can include common keystrokes such as the tab key or backtab key for navigating among fields. Or include the Backspace or Del Char keys for deleting old information that will be replaced.

There are several ways to send the ZIP Code to ZIP Express. Enter the ZIP Code in a small entry dialog box, read the ZIP Code from the clipboard or in some cases, the ZIP Express can read the ZIP Code directly from a field in your application. (The last requires that the field is a Window Control and does not work with all applications or fields.)

"This program is absolutly wonderful and made my job ten times easier, just wanted to voice my thanks." --Nate B.