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If you deal with customers, clients, students ... anyone outside of your city, you will easily recognize the benefits of ZIP Express. Below are just a few of the possible uses for the program.

  • Used by realtors, lawyers, university admissions counselors, call centers and many others.
  • Use with your customer database.
  • Before returning a phone call, enter an Area Code or a country and city into ZIP Express to determine where the caller called from and what time it is in their city.
  • Enter a ZIP Code or a City and State and find the county.
  • View the Country and City Codes needed to place a call from the U.S. to cities in other countries.
  • With the ZIP Code information displayed, press the Map button and, with an internet connection, see a map of that location.

  • Customer Support/Service Centers
    Enter a ZIP Code and let Zip Express quickly type City, State into your database or application.

  • Genealogists
    Use it to find all the townships within a county, or to find out what county a town is in now.