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ZIP Express Data

Your source for ZIP Code, Area Code and Time Zone information for your business, school, organization, or enterprise.
The ZIP Express Data contains over 42,500 records comprising all ZIP Codes in the US, Puerto Rico and US Territories. The data for each ZIP Code includes the city name, county, state, area code, time zone, and daylight saving flag. Uses USPS certified names for city and locality names. Includes both the full state names and USPS approved state abbreviations.
The data is available in Comma Separated Values (csv) format. Or, using the ZIP Express HotKey feature, customize the output in several text-based formats such as ASCII text and tab delimited. The customization feature also allows you to include only the data elements you need.
Easily integrate ZIP Code, Area Code, and Time Zone information into your next project.

Features and Benefits

  • Low Price
  • Updated Quarterly
  • Customizable text based format. Include only the data you need.
  • The data is contained in a highly compressed installation file. When installed, the data takes up less than 2MB of hard disk space.
  • Free support via email, fax & phone.
  • 30-day money back guarantee
Insight Software Solutions has been delivering ZIP Code solutions to satisfied customers since 1996. Click here to read what our customers say about ZIP Express.


Include current ZIP Code, area code, and time zone information in your applications, databases and servers.
  • Determine the County if you know the City and State or ZIP Code
  • Look up the City, State and Time Zone for an Area Code before placing a call
  • Populate your databases with accurate ZIP Code, City, State and Time Zone information
  • When a user enters a ZIP Code have your software automatically fill in the City and State information
  • Use to detect fraud or invalid information. Make sure the Area Code, ZIP Code, City and State are from the same locality.
  • Include current information in your mailing software


ZIP Code Data subscription, includes a one user ZIP Express license
$39.95 - 1 user ZIP Express license* plus 1 month ZIP Code Data subscription
$79.95 - 1 user ZIP Express license* plus 1 year ZIP Code Data subscription
* The ZIP Express license is permanent and does not need to be renewed.
Renewals or if you already own a ZIP Express license
$19.95 - 1 month ZIP Code Data subscription
$59.95 - 1 year ZIP Code Data subscription


When ZIP Express is installed, the current version of the ZIP Code Data is also installed. For later updates, download the small ZIP Code Data install file, install it and use ZIP Express to decompress the data into the format you need.

Description of the Data

The data includes one record for each of the over 42,500 U.S. ZIP Codes. Each record contains:
  • 5 digit ZIP Code
  • Area code
  • City name
  • Two digit state code
  • Full state name
  • County name
  • Time zone
  • Daylight saving time indicator
The ZIP Express Data uses USPS certified spellings for city and locality names and state abbreviations.