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ZIP Express: integrated into our application

I just purchased a license for ZIP Express from

This is well worth the $25, and you can do a 30-day trial beforehand. In my old PTOC membership/mailing database I incorporated a very similar concept - A person's Zipcode is sufficient (for all practical purposes) to replace City, State and Areacode (along with county and timezone).

This not only eases data entry, but also provides consistency and accuracy to a db.

ZIP Express in background mode can be configured for any interactive data form (in my case I tested [our] registration form and MS Outlook's Address Book). In Address Book, I now can enter someone's street address, then their 5-digit Zip. Then I press CTRL-SHIFT H (for HOME address) - and ZIP Express fills in the City, State and Areacode (as a prefix for landline and cell phone numbers).

It will also provide automatic links to the resulting maps from MapsonUS, MapQuest and Yahoo!Maps.

This is good stuff.

Kevin Shipley
Possum Trot Orienteering Club Webmaster


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